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Entertaining At Home With Marta Ferri. Staying in is the new going out – it may not be by choice, but there is still a certain charm to be found in spending a usually hectic party season at home with loved ones.

‘This year is not going to be about parties, it is about being together and celebrating the fact that we have a beautiful family. I will dress up and cook just for us. This is going to feel different, but it is a great opportunity to appreciate what we have.’ This ethos is the motivation behind Ferri’s latest collection in collaboration with Pierre Frey, which could be described as partywear for the new normal. ‘The inspiration was the need for a celebratory mood. We know 2020 is not going to be a party year, but we don’t want to give up all our beautiful holiday rituals. I wanted to create a collection of dresses that you can wear at home without feeling out of place or uncomfortable, but that still gives you that party vibe.’ Comprising elegant dresses in colourful, uplifting prints, complete with tableware, the capsule is ideal for entertaining at home.