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Marta Ferri has become ‘Cavaliere del Mare’ of Marevivo, an organization that has been fighting for over thirty years to defend the sea and its resources.

Marevivo's action is based on having the right balance between environmental protection and the needs of economic and social development. Marevivo has long since launched the #Stopmicrofibre campaign on pollution caused by microfibers, calling on institutions, industry and public opinion to take appropriate measures to combat this emergency.

«I fully share the messages supported by Marevivo on the protection of the marine environment and its resources and I have joined with great enthusiasm the #STOPMICROFIBRE project promoted by the Association. The sea is a source of life and must be respected, even in the simplest of daily gestures. It is a commitment of everyone to face and fight an enemy as invisible as it is harmful, such as that of microfibers.» — Marta Ferri